If you can find your musical bliss you will never have to be reminded to practice, but rather, will be drawn to the instrument. That is imaginit music’s aim. You will have a specialised curriculum custom-designed to respond to your desires, abilities and goals. With an emphasis on discovery and fun, we offer improvisation, composition and songwriting in addition to standard reading and theory. Live-off-the-floor and multi-track recording is used in tandem with lessons to facilitate awakening the ‘teacher within the student’. When you hear yourself much can be learned. RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) training and exam preparation is available. Teacher biography available upon request. Testimonials can be downloaded as a PDF here.

Studies offered …
piano; saxophone; voice; theory; composition; songwriting; contemporary improvisation; beginner guitar; or a custom-designed combination of any. From Mozart to the Blues, Gypsy songs to Bob Marley, your interests are paramount.

Twice annual student concerts take place in December and June at the Ralph Thornton Community Center A highlight at the June event is the annual CD release of original student songs, stories and compositions. Cover artwork by students.

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