imaginit music offers professional administrative services that bring arts-based community projects from conception to completion.

Experience and skill set:
• design of program, mission statement, language, branding
• research and development, grant writing
• outreach, communications, networking
• scheduling and booking of participants and venues
• marketing and promotion: media & public relations, press releases, overseeing poster and flyer design & reproduction
• event curation, facilitation and production
• client relationship development and follow up
• final report, evaluation and surveys

Programs serviced

Finding Common Ground
Partners: Toronto Playback Theatre, Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, Ralph Thornton Community Center

Young Songwriter's Showcase
Partners: imaginit music, Songwriter's Association of Canada (S.A.C.)

Shadows & Light
Partners: Ralph Thornton Community Center, Toronto Playback Theatre, Toronto Arts Council

Youth Express! Visual, Music, Theatre Showcase & Fundraiser
Partners: imaginit music, SKETCH (working arts for street involved and homeless youth)

Breaking The Silence: A Journey of Stories
Creating Dialogue with Youth About Violence
Partners: National Crime Prevention Center, Ralph Thornton Community Center, Toronto Playback Theatre

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